The Mediator – Trish Blyth

About The Mediator Trish Blyth

I was previously a lawyer, and now I am a full time mediator.

I am an accredited mediator, coach and assessor for LEADR* and an Associate and mediation panel member of AMINZ* (the two professional mediation bodies in New Zealand).

I enjoy working with private mediation clients.

My other contracts include:

  • Disputes Tribunal Referee
  • Franchise Association Mediator
  • Domain Name Commission Mediator
  • Fairway Resolution Ltd Mediator
  • The New Zealand Law Society Mediator
  • MBIE (Weathertight Homes) Mediator
  • Telecommunications Resolution Service Conciliator
  • Finance Dispute Resolution Service Conciliator

I am a Family Dispute Resolution Provider under the new FDR system and I am a member of the Family Courts Association.