Business Mediation

Business & Commercial Mediation

Disputes happen in a commercial setting as much as they happen in personal relationships.

With my background as a lawyer and over 9 years as a Disputes Tribunal Referee I can guide you as to the most appropriate way of resolving your dispute. I will discuss whether your dispute is better to be resolved by mediation or in the Disputes Tribunal (the jurisdiction is now $15,000). I can also assist you to prepare your case in the Tribunal.

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Franchise Mediation

I am on the panel of Mediators for the Franchise Association.

It is in both the franchisee’s and the franchisor’s interests to work together to ensure that the franchise runs smoothly. If franchisees and franchisors start to have disputes then their clients are likely to pick up on this, especially if the dispute is in the media.

As a franchisee, you often start out full of hope for your business and you usually feel supported by your franchisor. But sometimes things change and you start to feel that you are not getting the support you need. With my help, you can talk to your Franchisor about your issues.

As a franchisor, you will probably be very good at running the business side of your franchise. However, if one or more of your franchisees become unhappy you may not feel so confident at dealing with those issues. With my help, you can talk to your franchisee(s) about their issues. If there is a group of franchisees with issues then we can have a session involving everyone, perhaps at a meeting or conference when you are all together.

See the testimonials that my franchise clients have given.