Family Mediation

Family Mediation

In the process of separating?
I can help you talk to each other about how you can separate in as amicable way as possible. If you can tell your partner how you are feeling, which is probably hurt, sad and angry, and listen to how your partner is feeling, which is probably very similar, you will be more able to talk about the things that you need to get sorted, like matters relating to the children, to the house, to finances etc.

Already separated?
Whether you have separated recently or years ago, I can help you talk to each other about whatever issues have arisen. I have worked with many couples years after their separation to sort out issues that have been making their communication more difficult. Some of my clients ask me to get together with them each year for a review of how things are going.

Using a lawyer?
If you already have a lawyer involved that’s fine, because I often work alongside lawyers. I was previously a family lawyer, so I know what legal issues you need to have your lawyer help with (because I don’t provide legal advice).

See the testimonials that my family clients have given.

Couples coaching

Not talking like you used to? Thinking about separating? With my help you can talk to each other so that you both feel heard (maybe for the first time in a long time!).

This will help you decide whether you can get back on the same path again. If so, you will learn new tools during the mediation to help you communicate better in the future. Some of my clients say to me “if we had seen you sooner, we may not be separating now”.

Same Sex Couples

I have conducted mediations for many same sex couples. See the testimonials that my clients have given.