Family testimonials

Family testimonials

Mediation between husband and wife relating to their relationship property

Ms S:

You are so fantastic at your job. I’ve changed your title from Trish Blyth mediator to Trish Blyth Miracleworker. The weight you have taken off my shoulders is unbelievable.

Mr W:

I found (Trish) to be friendly, professional and impartial. We managed to agree on an informal property relationship settlement in only one session. This was after more than a year of not being able to agree. This was later made formal and enacted to our satisfaction.

Mediation with a husband and wife relating to issues that had arisen relating to signing a  contracting out document under the Relationship Property Act

Mrs H:

I was starting to distance myself from the relationship, thinking I should finish it.  Trish was logical caring and accurate. It was all sorted. We are now a lot happier. I know that my assets are secure if anything was to go wrong. I would recommend Trish as a professional caring friendly person.

Mr H:

Amazing – so pleased to get it all resolved – a great relief.


Mediation between the parents of a 5 year old child relating to day to day care (and a new partner) and where the child will live and go to school

Mr J:

particularly your ability to let the conversations run their course, ensuring each party has their turn and that what’s said is well understood by all. Also highlighting communication barriers that cause problems. Positive atmosphere that is created from the start and maintained. No nonsense approach and attitude.

Ms F:

Trish was amazing. Listened so well. I went into the mediation intent on not changing a thing with the care arrangements between my ex-partner, myself and my son. Trish made sense, was patient, kind and we worked out an arrangement which suited us all (this never would have happened without her). If you feel like at your wits end and can’t communicate whether it be with your ex-partner or someone else Trish is fantastic. We are all so much happy with her help.

Mediation between two same sex ex partners relating to parenting issues for their two children

Ms B:

I really enjoyed being able to talk to M without her new partner interferring and having someone else there to keep communication going whenever M said ‘whatever’ to something I said. I feel that we both came out winners. Thank you Trish for your help.

Ms H

Many thanks Trish for your generosity, commitment and positive encouragement